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May 24, 2004 by Pixter
As a child, did W have toys to play with? Chances are he had some sort of action figure that would lead his charge into some imaginary childhood war. His hero was brave and fearless and always came out on top. Most of us can relate to these childhood musings, and, as we grew and matured, our heroes and heroines were left behind in a toy box or Mum and Dad’s attic. The problem with W is, he is still that child. He has not matured past that boyhood desire of victory. Whereas we destroyed Mum...
May 20, 2004 by Pixter
So John Howard and Peter Costello think that their “family-friendly” budget is the answer to all our prayers. Once again they have missed the point. If they listened to the electorate even occasionally, they would realise that what people want is real maternity leave and child care options.

What we didn’t need to see was Peter Costello smirking his way through “popping out babies” jokes. Did he think that one up for himself or did a speech writer come up with that little gem? Anyone who h...
May 19, 2004 by Pixter
I’m scared, Prime Minister. And this is one terror my fridge magnet won’t save me from.

I thought that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was supposed to open up new opportunities for our producers and manufacturers, not create hurdles for them to jump over.

This agreement does nothing much at all for us here in Australia. To start with, the parties involved can’t even sell the same spin. In the US, they are spruiking about the doors that have been opened. For example, while our beef f...
May 18, 2004 by Pixter
Exactly who has Matthew Burke p***ed off? His exclusion from the Wallaby train-on squad is sacrilege of the highest sporting order.

Eddie Jones seems to have gotten his way at last. He's been pushing Burke aside for a long time now - making him an outside centre and general utility back.

As for Ewen McKenzie, what is he thinking? How could Burke not fit into the Waratahs plans for next year? Ever since he came onto the field this season, Burke has given the Waratahs his all. Even ...
May 18, 2004 by Pixter
In light of the disgrace that was the beheading of Nick Berg, America, and in particular, American troops, must appear beyonf reproach. Their actions and words must be free of vengeance, spite or malice. They must abide by the rules of war.

To reciprocate the horrendous acts of those who choose to drag the bodies of dead troops through the streets and incinerate them, and who choose to blow their own people up with car bombs, is to lower themselves to the same barbaric level. Remember, s...
May 17, 2004 by Pixter
Is it just me, or is the sight of a portly security guard in a reflective vest strolling across the Anzac Bridge an exercise in futility?

Any number of frightening scenarios can be conjured up by the informed citizen. So, why are are we wasting valuable (and scarce) public money paying private security companies to walk backwards and forwards across city bridges?

I'm not saying our major landmarks should not be protected, but let's be realistic. Token measures are not the way to go. Inf...